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7 Effective Tips To Reduce Computer Eye Strain And Mental Fatigue

eye strainIf you have to spend long hours staring at a computer screen, by the end of the day you might suffer from eye strain and mental fatigue. Now, since eyes and brain are closely connected to each other, your mental fatigue (for example, headaches) depends from visual fatigue. If you want to get rid of your headaches after a work day spent in front of a computer screen, you should first and foremost focus on how you can help out your eyes relieve the fatigue that they get every day.

A Problem Called “Digital Eye Strain”

Obviously, the same problem rises if you have to use a mobile device instead of a computer. No matter what specific digital device you keep in front of your eyes, the result is the same and it’s what experts call “digital eye strain”.

According to a recent research conducted by The Vision Council, at least 59% of people who use a computer (or another digital device) on a daily basis refer to suffer from symptoms of digital eye strain. These symptoms include several troubles, like eye fatigue and discomfort, dry eyes, headaches (as we mentioned a few lines above), blurred vision, red eyes.

Ways You Can Reduce The Risk Of Eye Strain

There are pretty good medicaments that you can take for eye strain relief, but it would be way much better if you learn how to avoid such visual troubles. In fact, you can also learn how to reduce the negative impact of too many hours at a computer thanks to the following tips:

  1. Eye exam
    A good way to take care of your eyes is to take a comprehensive eye exam at least once per year. From the result of this exam you can know about the real conditions of your vision. Moreover, your eye doctor can advice you about what distance your eyes have to be from the screen when you sit at a desk to work via computer.

  2. Lightingcomputer user
    Another factor which influences the visual capability is lighting. If your computer screen is too bright, your eyes will easily suffer from strain. In this case, you should reset the screen lighting and, in addition, you should place the computer not too close to a window so that you won’t have any light sources from outside, as well. However, take as a rule of thumb that the ideal lighting in a room when using a computer should be about half as bright as most offices actually are. In other words, not too dark, not too bright.

  3. Eliminate reflections
    Glare generated from reflections can also cause eye strain. Many finished surfaces produce reflections under the light of lamps and those reflections bounce on the computer screen, as well. Place objects that might generate reflections away from your computer or buy an anti-reflective screen to put on your computer screen to protect your eyes.

  4. Computer panel
    It’s proven that old computer screen are responsible to a series of eye troubles. If you can afford to spend some money to upgrade your old computer, your eyes will certainly be thankful to you for the effort. In fact, new computer screen have a built-in flat panel made of LED lights that reduce the risk of eye strain.

  5. Computer setting
    In order to reduce your eye fatigue, you can always adjust your computer setting and choose a text size and color contrast that fit your needs. Make sure that the text is not too small and choose a good contrast between the color of the text and the color of the background (usually, black text on a white background is the best combination, but you can also replace the white background with another very light color that you like better, for example very light blue).

  6. Blink your eyes
    Eye dryness and irritations are caused by lack or insufficient blinking. It might happen that you don’t blink your eyes for even two minutes when you are particularly focused on reading or writing something important at the computer. Consider that numerous online casino players suffer from eye dryness as they are deeply concerned with the game to the point that they forget about blinking. In fact, the number of people who make real money from online casino games is increased exponentially. A sign of the growth in the use of computers for entertainment purposes can be seen in the rise of gamblers from Middle East.

  7. Take a break
    Don’t forget to take frequrnt breaks when sitting at a computer: it helps your eyes (but also shoulders and neck) rest for a while.

For more tips, you can ask a good eye doctor – anyway, avoid to stare at the computer when not necessary.