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How to Write a Great Essay

Writing an essay is not an easy endeavour. Then again, it’s not necessarily all that difficult. To put this simply, all you really need to know about writing an essay is that you need to be prepared to try.

The essay, as a literary format, emerged when Michel de Montaigne coined it in the 16th century. De Montaigne lived in a world full of uncertainty, so to say something even remotely meaningful, any man would need to at least try.

And if you don’t know any French, then don’t worry, for we will explain the hidden meaning here – “essay” comes from the French verb for “to try”, i.e. “essayer”. Now that you know the background, writing an essay – whatever the topic or purpose of this try has to be, isn’t too scary any more.

To know more about how to write successfully, you simply need to consider what you are looking for and in most cases this is rather simple to divine – just write about what you know best. If it’s ‘writing’ itself, tell others how to be better writers.

Ernest Hemingway, the famous American writer once famously said that as long as your writing was honest and true it would also be beautiful and admired. This rather simple advice should be taken even today.

Pick a Topic You Are Well-Versed In

Everyone has a topic they are very well acquainted with . Whether you teach languages, coding, love to draw, watch movies, listen to music or watch sports, there is no real limit to what you can write about.

Some people travel a lot and they blog about what they do and whom they meet. Others love video games, so they spend a long, long time playing and telling others what they have played – or streaming directly, even.

If you love casinos for example, you can start a great online website telling others about what the best casinos are – just look at what Canada Casinos are doing. So why not try this? They are relentless when it comes to providing you with the most complete information from the iGaming industry that you will ever find out there.

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So long as you understand the subject you are writing about, you will have no trouble.What’s the best way to guarantee that your writing is top notch, whether that’s an essay or an e-mail? Know what you are talking about!

Follow it with interest and study it, not because you have to, but rather because it gives you natural pleasure to know what’s going on and why. You can understand a lot about the subject matter that you are keen on so long as you put some honest effort.

Keep Your Essay Short, Sweet, and to the Point

Contrary to what some people could teach you about writing essays, you needn’t go in over 1,000 words to deliver your point. Short-form of writing is very appreciated in the 21st century as people tend to value their time more and more.

Since we have so much to do, writing short content, and in a manner that your readers can understand just by skimming would guarantee that you are actually communicating your point. Did you know that only 3% of all readers will actually read anything they see that is longer than 70 words. The numbers are pretty shocking, and when you look at the facts, it turns out that nobody loves to read.

Even C-level executives at companies such as Dow Jones and Porsche NA won’t bother reading whole articles. They have an internal service which reads through the news, writes a short “executive summary” that is usually not longer than 200 words and then an exec can decide whether they are interested or would much rather pass up on this.

To catch the attention of your readers – whether they are C-level executives or just fellow writers or readers, you need to be precise and to the point. If you fail to captivate your reader’s attention, then you will never manage to communicate any type of message – whether it’s in 70 or 1,000 words.

Writing for the web is another beast altogether. Some people think that it detracts from a lot of their value as writers, but the simple truth is that it doesn’t. Web writing is often short and to the point, because nobody wants unnecessary words which are just there to fill up content. Remember to stay focused on the topic.

To guarantee yourself success, just make true statements and then reiterate them by offering different examples. This is a quick and reliable way to build a great text, whatever its purpose.